Lloyd Howell, P.E.

Lloyd Howell, P.E.
193 Smith Rd.
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Phone: (631) 588-1875

For Attorneys:

Why recommend a ‘Professional Engineer’ to your client? 

As one who has passed the State bar, you are keenly aware of the difference between a lawyer and a para-legal. Likewise, the same comparison can be made between an Engineer and a home inspector.

As a fellow professional, an Engineer is keenly aware of ethical issues and concerned with protecting the integrity of his license, and is sensitive to the concerns of a fellow professional. Thus, important issues and their ramifications are part of the report and are highlighted, so that you need not weed through unnecessary verbiage to find items of concern.

Pending buyer's permission, we provide his/her attorney with a copy of the written property inspection report and the termite report by email, as soon as they are completed. We welcome being contacted by phone to discuss inspection findings. 

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